Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The world has its ways to quiet us down.

I'm pretty sure I will never fully be content.

Is anyone ever fully content?

There will always be something that could use improving, or maybe some piece that just doesn't fit right or is missing altogether. This isn't the same as never being happy - I am happy, for sure. The things that make me happy are present in a very obvious way. I'm actually perfectly fine with not being content. It's just there - like freckles.


Maybe it's just temporary. Maybe I'm slowly getting closer to what I want or need from life (I couldn't say what this is - I don't know yet.) and I haven't a clue of the inches or feet I have surpassed without moving a muscle.

I analyze. That's what I do. Feelings, words, actions, pictures, music. People. It amuses me when people just assume that this is a negative thing. It's one of those things that you think nobody else can understand, then you realize that you probably aren't as mysterious as you think you are. Silly human.

Circles, circles, circles. Ha!

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  1. nice!

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